More Work

The project has been to publish 5 photos from every film shot since 2008.

Always on 35mm, nearly always 36 exposures.

An effort to make the selection process more arbitrary.

An attempt to bring qualitative judgements into focus.

Questions of validity, purpose, intention.

Questions of how & why.

A concerted effort to avoid a photographic approach towards photography.

The series has matured – in an ageing sense as opposed to learning.

I’m learning to listen to the picture taking process.

Doubts remain  – why these five?

This gives movement.

Room to change.

Doubt asks its own questions.

Perhaps this brings some fragility to the process.


These photos began as part of a drawing practice.
Perhaps a great deal of these pictures can be regarded as bad photography – but that does not make them unsuccessful.
To begin with I used cameras I had to hand, some with built-in flaws that made the pictures more interesting. I used high street development and scanning which brought its own idiosyncrasies. Slowly my cameras improved driven by an urge to find a response to my shooting methodology, I’ve also adopted better developing and scanning techniques. This led to the removal of the happy accidents, leaving the pictures to stand alone. Independent of artifice.